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CARNES SELECTAS 2000 S.A. and its website carnesselectas2000.com guarantee the protection of data privacy for all users who visit the website. This Privacy Policy was prepared for that purpose.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully, especially in what concerns the maintenance and management of personal information so that you can give your implicit and/or explicit consent to authorise the processing of that information.

Our policy was prepared pursuant to the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is effective since May 25, 2018 and adopts the best personal data protection and security practices, considering what is best for our users. This measure applies to all companies based in the EU, irrespective of their location.

The website carnesselectas2000.com reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time as per the changes made to the General Data Protection Regulation. Those changes will surely be posted on this page (“Privacy Policy”), as well as on the “Cookies Policy” page.

This version posted on the website is up-to-date and effective.

For more information about this law, please visit: https://www.cnpd.pt/bin/rgpd/rgpd.htm

Also, see our cookies policy.

  1. Personal Data and what is collected by this Website

Personal data are any information of any nature that concern an identified or identifiable person, regardless of the format. All personal data collected are provided voluntarily and objectively by the users and are exclusively for the use of the website carnesselectas2000.com. Data privacy and protection is, therefore, guaranteed.

Personal data that has been uncharacterized, coded, or anonymised, but that can still be used to identify a person are still personal data and encompassed by the scope of application of the GDPR.

Personal data that remain anonymous so that the person cannot be identified or is no longer identifiable are no longer considered personal data. For data to be truly anonymised, anonymisation must be irreversible.

This website carnesselectas2000.com may gather your personal information via your subscription fields (newsletters) or contact forms: name, telephone, e-mail and company represented. These data will be used exclusively by

CARNES SELECTAS 2000 S.A., for the services available and/or that can be accessed via the website carnesselectas2000.com.

Additional data that are collected automatically are described in the cookies policy.

To increase the effectiveness of the pages of this website, browsing information collected at times, as well as the type of browser used, geographic area, number of clicks, or the time a person stays on a given page. This information is generic and Google will not associate these data or your IP address with other identifiable personal data. Learn more by reading our cookies policy.

  1. Personal Data Processing Purposes

In no case will the personal data collected on this website be provided, sold, shared, disclosed to any third parties, or used for any purposes other than those described on the website, namely for the processing of quotation requests, service proposals and reply to queries and quotation requests, internal processing of those requests, and occasional promotional newsletters. Under these conditions, by completing any contact form on the website and clicking send, the user is giving their prior and express consent to the processing according to those purposes.

When the user decides that they do not want to receive/sent more information, they should contact us and inform us.

  1. Data Controller and Processor

CARNES SELECTAS 2000 S.A., based in Mollerussa, is the data controller and processor of the personal data for the purposes described in this policy. A data manager, who is responsible for the protection and security of personal data, was appointed within our company.

  1. Personal Data Retention

Personal data are kept and retained according to the purposes above for a given period related to the purpose.

Personal data which are collected for the purposes of sending service proposals (or quotations or information concerning new products and/or services) by CARNES SELECTAS 2000 S.A., will be kept for 1 (one) year after the last contact.

Occasionally, personal data (such as the Name and Company) may be retained for an indefinite time if the data subject allows so. However, the user can request that their data are deleted at any time, according to the right set forth by paragraph 5 of this Privacy Policy described below.

  1. Right of access, rectification, elimination, limitation to processing, and portability of Personal Data

The user has the right of access, rectification, export, consultation, elimination or “to be forgotten”, portability, limitation and/or opposition to data processing. To this end, the user can contact CARNES SELECTAS 2000 S.A., via the e-mail [email protected], or by sending a letter to the registered. The user can also lodge the complaints they deem fit with the supervisory authority.

Where you feel like the information on this privacy policy is not satisfactorily clear, or you wish to raise any other relevant issue, please send us an e-mail to: [email protected]CARNES SELECTAS 2000 S.A., also grants the user with the right to transfer the personal data which the company has kept to another service provider designated by the user.

  1. Personal Data Processing Security

Personal data will be processed and kept in a computer and, occasionally, on paper.

The website carnesselectas2000.com is responsible for ensuring the protection and security of the data you send us via the website and has adopted the proper measures, such as: (i) password protection, (ii) digital certifications, (iii) restrictions to the physical entry on the sites where the servers that keep the personal data are located; (iv) firewalls, (v) secure communication via https protocol, and (vi) adequate professional software. The security measures above are reviewed and updated according to the needs and requirements in this area.

However, in addition to learning the measures taken by the website carnesselectas2000.com, users are advised to adopt additional security measures, such as an active firewall and updated and legal anti-virus and anti-spyware.

Where there is a security breach that accidentally or unlawfully results in the elimination, loss, change, propagation of or unauthorised access to personal data, the website carnesselectas2000.com, under the legislation in force, undertakes to notify the authorities, whenever possible, up to 72 hours after becoming aware of such incident and without any undue delay. In those cases,

CARNES SELECTAS 2000 S.A., will communicate the data breach to the respective data subject, pursuant to the legislation, and to the Portuguese Data Protection Authority (CNPD).

CARNES SELECTAS 2000 S.A., will not provide your data to a third party or subcontract any third party to process your personal data.

  1. Right to be Forgotten

Data subjects have the right to see their personal data deleted by the data manager, who must comply with the request whenever one of the following situations apply: (i) data are no longer relevant to the purpose for which they were collected or processed; (ii) the data subject has withdrawn consent, where consent was the legal ground for the processing, or the data subject opposes to processing and there are no legitimate purposes that prevail and justify data retention.

  1. Access to social media and third-party websites

This privacy policy does not apply if the user visits third-party websites. In this case, whenever you go to another website using this one, please read their privacy policies and see whether you agree with their terms before providing your personal data.

Our website contains links to social media. By clicking on these links, our website may be sending statistical data to those companies and to Google Analytics. For more information on data privacy, please visit the websites of the corresponding social media: FacebookLinkedInInstagram.

The website carnesselectas2000.com is neither responsible for the privacy policies of third-party websites, nor for their contents.

  1. Use Terms

By using our services, the user is accepting the user terms below:

  1. By accessing, browsing or using the website carnesselectas2000.com, the user acknowledges that they have read, understood, and agree with this Privacy Policy. If the user does not agree with this policy, they should refrain from accessing the website.
  2. The user is the sole responsible for their use of this website.
  3. Unless stated otherwise, CARNES SELECTAS 2000 S.A., is the owner of this website and all its contents, which are protected by the national and international industrial and intellectual property legislation.
  4. The website carnesselectas2000.com does not guarantee the continuous, timely, secure, and error-free operation of this website.
  5. The website carnesselectas2000.com allows that the website is transferred and temporarily saved for display on personal computers or monitors. Permanent storage or redistribution of the content on our website are expressly forbidden without prior authorisation of CARNES SELECTAS 2000 S.A..

All rights that concern this website are reserved for carnesselectas2000.com.

When accessing our website, data is managed under the terms described in the Cookies Policy, Privacy Policy, and Use Terms (with which you should agree). You can check these pages whenever you want to check whether there are any changes to our terms and conditions, because those changes will be posted on this website.