frozen pigs feet for sale

frozen pigs feet for sale an appropriate pig trotter for student dissection.

Non-preserved specimens maintain their color well and don’t have the same chemical odor as their embalmed counterparts.

Every one of our frozen specimens is delivered vacuum-sealed. The specimen will have defrosted upon delivery; they can then be re-frozen for dissection at a later time (use within two years) or kept chilled if necessary (within 2 days). Unfit for ingestion by humans.

We deal in the wholesale and retail selling of chops, carcasses, and other pork products. Our Factory offers knowledgeable assistance and guarantees flexible terms for meat supply at competitive rates.frozen pigs feet for sale

Our principal export destinations include the EEC, China, Switzerland, Russia, South Africa, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, and numerous more nations around the world.

We also offer customer cuts since we are adaptable and give customer-focused service.

The majority of our suppliers of frozen hog meat operate from HACCP-certified production facilities, frequently with BRC approval.

We provide goods and services to our importers in the wholesale, retail, restaurant, and industry sectors of the food supply chain.